5 Reasons to Gift Illustrated Faith

When our friend Rebecca Spooner from hiphomeschoolingblog.com let us know that she would be giving the gift of Illustrated Faith to her friends and family this holiday season, we thought “wow—what a great idea.” We immediately asked her to let us know more about her plans. Read below to learn why Rebecca is choosing to gift Illustrated Faith and what pieces might make the most sense for someone new to the Bible journaling world:

Anyone who has tried their hand at Bible Journaling can generally agree on one point: it has the potential to change your relationship with God. Whether you write notes in the margin, use inspirational stickers and washi tape to add color, or paint… it is a way of responding to the Scriptures. What if you could pass that on? What if you could share something that has touched your life with someone and inspire them on a journey of their own? As I pondered meaningful gifts for Christmas and upcoming birthdays, looking for meaningful gifts, DaySpring’s Illustrated Faith Store was the first thing that came to mind.

1. Give the gift they might not buy themselves.

Amongst most of my friends, there is a lot of interest in Bible journaling, and yet they don’t ever seem to take the plunge. I have found that most people generally don’t think they are creative or artistic enough, or they feel guilty about buying a Bible journaling kit for themselves. When you give the gift of Illustrated Faith, you are giving something unique—something they have probably never received before, that is singularly for THEM.

2. Give the gift of creativity.

No matter if you are artistic or not, we were made in the image of a creative, imaginative, original God. He is the Author of creativity and beauty and that is one of the by-products of Illustrated Faith. If they’re intimidated by the thought of drawing or crafting, they can still use a Bible with margins to record their thoughts and feelings as they study. Regardless of how you do it, Bible journaling causes you to rest, to focus, and to let go—what a priceless gift!

3. Give the gift of Inspiration.

As I Bible journal, I am always inspired. There is something about taking the Word of God and meditating on it while you draw or write or paint. It encourages me to go deeper into God’s Word. Because our journey is guided by Him, every experience is different. The best journaling Bible for you may not speak to her in the same way. Consider giving a gift basket of Bible journaling supplies and let your friend know you will take her to pick out a journaling Bible that inspires her.

4. Give the gift of beauty.

My Mom has always wanted to try her hand at Bible journaling, but has never had the tools nor the Bible. So I put together a fun little starter kit for her with my favorite journaling Bible along with a Bible mat, some washi tape, and IF journaling pens. As I was wrapping everything I was captivated by the beauty of this Bible, with its birds and space to journal inside.

5. Give the gift of expression

One of the most precious aspects of Bible journaling to me is the response aspect. When I am sitting down to a Bible journaling session, I pull out all my supplies, I turn on my favorite worship music, and I pray. I pray that God will speak to me, that He will make something stand out or use this passage to help me grow in some way. Let me tell you, my God is faithful to deliver! Without fail, I find the Word He has for me. I think about the verse and what it means to me and then I respond to it with my pen or my watercolors. I express not only what I feel God has given me, but how it impacts me, through art.

To be able to give someone the tools to worship God in a totally new way is something I can’t wait to do! I know that my Mom, friends and loved ones are going to love these Bible journaling gifts. I know they are unique and personal and they won’t get anything else like it, and I know it is a gift that keeps on giving. And, it’s not just for the ladies, either! Gift a men’s journaling Bible to the guys in your life to inspire them in His word.

Pass it on

If you have fallen in love with Bible journaling and Illustrated Faith, why not pass it on? By sharing your passion, you just might connect in a new way you haven’t before as you both grow in your Bible journaling journeys together!

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Give someone the tools to worship God in a totally new way.
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